Definition of T-junction

1. Noun. A junction where two roads or pipes etc. meet to form a T.

Generic synonyms: Junction

Definition of T-junction

1. Noun. An intersection of routes where one road terminates as it joins a (usually higher priority) road at approximately 90°. In most countries, a give way or stop road sign will be seen at a T-junction. ¹

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T-junction (current term)

Literary usage of T-junction

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landscapes of Gran Canaria by Noel Rochford (2004)
"Turn right a the T-junction here. After two minutes, beyond the buildings, descend a wide old cam/no to the left (this turn- off is marked by a cairn). ..."

2. Landscapes of Tuscany: A Countryside Guide by Elizabeth Mizon (2002)
"When you are almost at the top of the hill, ignore the right turn into the camping ground and continue down to a T-junction. Turn left here and, ..."

3. Landscapes of Madeira: A Countryside Guide by John Underwood, Pat Underwood (2002)
"Ignore a tarred road off to the right; keep left and, at the next T- junction, go right. You come into Camacha by the village square, the Achada da Camacha ..."

4. Landscapes of La Palma and El Hierro: A Countryside Guide by Noel Rochford (2003)
"Immediately, at another T-junction, turn left again (where a SIGNPOST points in ... Just one minute from the T-junction, where a track joins from the left, ..."

5. Landscapes of Sardinia: A Countryside Guide by Andreas Stieglitz (2001)
"This road bypasses Thiesi and meets a T-junction where you turn left again. ... Turn right again at a T-junction. Go straight ahead on a minor track down to ..."

6. Ireland by Peter Singer (2004)
"Turn left at a T-junction and pass a right turn that comes up almost at once. ... Meet a T-junction in Cahir (also called Caber; Cathair; 'Fortress') and ..."

7. Landscapes of Western Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon: A Countryside Guide by John Underwood, Pat Underwood (2004)
"Two minutes later, at a T-junction, turn right (SP is painted in blue on a wall). ... At the next T-junction, go left and then immediately right, ..."

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