Definition of Tom Paine

1. Noun. American Revolutionary leader and pamphleteer (born in England) who supported the American colonist's fight for independence and supported the French Revolution (1737-1809).

Exact synonyms: Paine, Thomas Paine
Generic synonyms: American Revolutionary Leader, Pamphleteer

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Literary usage of Tom Paine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Studies of a Biographer by Leslie Stephen (1902)
"Tom Paine was considered for the time a Tom Fool to him ; Paley an old woman ; Edmund Burke a flashy sophist. "Throw away your books of chemistry," said ..."

2. Horae Sabbaticae: Reprint of Articles Contributed to the Saturday Review by James Fitzjames Stephen (1892)
"The ribaldry of Voltaire, the polished sneer of Gibbon, and the coarse brutality of Tom Paine, usually swing at one end of the see-saw, the other end of ..."

3. Men and Times of the Revolution: Or, Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, Includng by Elkanah Watson (1856)
"Rennes—Moreau—Customs—Fashionable Dinner—Tom Paine—Contest with a Priest—Louis Littlepage—Journey to Paris—Country Cure— Monks of La Trappe—Mrs. ..."

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