Definition of Acicular

1. Adjective. Narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves.

Exact synonyms: Acerate, Acerose, Needle-shaped
Similar to: Simple, Unsubdivided
Derivative terms: Acicula

Definition of Acicular

1. a. Needle-shaped; slender like a needle or bristle, as some leaves or crystals; also, having sharp points like needles.

Definition of Acicular

1. Adjective. Needle-shaped; slender like a needle or bristle. ¹

2. Adjective. Having sharp points like needles. ¹

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Definition of Acicular

1. acicula [adj] - See also: acicula

Medical Definition of Acicular

1. Resembling a needle (typically used to describe the leaf of a plant). (06 May 1997)

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Literary usage of Acicular

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A System of Mineralogy: In which Minerals are Arranged According to the by ROBERT. JAMESON (1820)
"Radiated acicular Olivenite, Foliated acicular Olivenite, Fibrous acicular Olivenite, and Earthy acicular Olivenite. ..."

2. A Dictionary of Chemistry: On the Basis of Mr. Nicholson's, in which the Andrew Ure, William Nicholson by Andrew Ure, William Nicholson (1821)
"In acicular six-sided prisms, orin silky ters as above. It yields a violet-blue glass § 2. Filamentous. Colours, green or yel- cuneiform and splintery. ..."

3. Knight's Cyclopædia of the industry of all nations, 1851 by Charles Knight (1851)
"They are very soluble in water, in alcohol, and in tether. On boiling a solution of Quercitrin, it becomes turbid, and deposits a quantity of small acicular ..."

4. The Micrographic Dictionary: A Guide to the Examination and Investigation of John William Griffith, Arthur Henfrey by John William Griffith, Arthur Henfrey (1883)
"I. Terete, geniculate. n. acicular, ends bifurcate. o. acicular ... -acicular, base triradiate. r. Uncinato-filiform. q. ..."

5. A System of Mineralogy: Descriptive Mineralogy, Comprising the Most Recent by James Dwight Dana, George Jarvis Brush, Edward Salisbury Dana (1885)
"... sometimes fine acicular ; usually implanted by one extremity of the prism ; occasionally twisted or bent (f. 195). Prismatic faces i commonly striated ..."

6. A Manual of British Lichens: Containing Descriptions of All the Species and by William Mudd (1861)
"Apothecia terminal and lateral, scattered ; disc dilated, at length convex, dark-red or brownish-black ; asci 4-6 spored ; spores acicular or ..."

7. Manual of the Mosses of North America by Leo Lesquereux, Thomas Potts James (1884)
"Lid acicular. Teeth narrowly linear-lanceolate, long, divided to near the base into two subulate free or partly agglutinate rarely entire segments. ..."

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