Definition of Aerial ladder truck

1. Noun. A fire engine carrying ladders.

Exact synonyms: Ladder Truck
Generic synonyms: Fire Engine, Fire Truck

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Literary usage of Aerial ladder truck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Insurance Year Book by Spectator insurance yearbook (1889)
"... i chemical hand extinguishers carried on H "' truck, an aerial ladder truck to be added; good rubber hose; 16 horses; value of -r and supplies. ..."

2. Somerville, Past and Present: An Illustrated Historical Souvenir by Edward Augustus Samuels, Henry Hastings Kimball (1897)
"... wagon and the new chemical engine A, and includes accommodations also for a combined aerial-ladder truck and water-tower when it may be found necessary. ..."

3. Bucket Brigade to Flying Squadron: Fire Fighting Past and Present by Herbert Theodore Jenness (1909)
"The department consists of four steam fire-engines, four combination chemical and hose wagons, one aerial ladder truck, one city ladder truck, ..."

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