Definition of Aerial tramway

1. Noun. A conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers.

Exact synonyms: Cable Tramway, Ropeway, Tram, Tramway
Generic synonyms: Conveyance, Transport

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Literary usage of Aerial tramway

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1915)
"An aerial tramway for Mining Cliff Coal BY ARTHUR E. GIBSON, STORES, UTAH (Pittsburgh Meeting, October, 1914) Synopsis.—A new feature in coal mining, ..."

2. The Engineering Index Annual for by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1910)
"Illustrates and describes a number oí aerial- tramway installations for coal ... Illustrated description of an aerial tramway with a capacity of 75 tons per ..."

3. Tea Machinery, and Tea Factories: A Descriptive Treatise on the Mechanical by Alexander James Wallis-Tayler (1900)
"Single Wooden Posts or Standards for aerial tramway Line, supports may be very considerably increased, and, as before mentioned, spans of as much as 5,0oo ..."

4. The Mining World Index of Current Literature by George E Sisley (1912)
"Perkins, FC—The Tesorero Mine aerial tramway; [10-mile haul of iron ores, Spain]. ... CW—aerial tramway of the Real del Monte Co., in Pachuca. ..."

5. Earthwork and Its Cost: A Handbook of Earth Excavation by Halbert Powers Gillette (1920)
"Standard Cableway Carriage. term " aerial tramway" applies to a machine in which ... On the aerial tramway the carrier may be arranged to pass the towers or ..."

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