Definition of Almoner

1. Noun. An official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients.

Definition of Almoner

1. n. One who distributes alms, esp. the doles and alms of religious houses, almshouses, etc.; also, one who dispenses alms for another, as the almoner of a prince, bishop, etc.

Definition of Almoner

1. Noun. one who distributes alms, especially the doles and alms of religious houses, almshouses; ¹

2. Noun. one who dispenses alms for another, as the almoner of a prince, bishop ¹

3. Noun. a title given to a royal officer charged with the duty of distributing alms or bounty on behalf of a monarch ¹

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Definition of Almoner

1. one that distributes alms [n -S]

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Literary usage of Almoner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A General Abridgment of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested Under Proper by Charles Viner (1791)
"2- The almoner has not any ... (hall almoner, nor to determine his will as to them. I Rep. ... For more of almoner in General, fee other proper Titles. ..."

2. Political Dictionary: Forming a Work of Universal Reference, Both by Charles Knight (1845)
"The lord almoner disposes of the kind's alms, and for that use receives ... Moreover, the lord almoner hath the privilege to give the king's dish to ..."

3. History of Two Queens: I. Catharine of Aragon. II. Anne Boleyn by William Hepworth Dixon (1874)
"The arm he wanted was beside him, in Thomas Wolsey, almoner; a man of brain enough to cope with friars and statesmen, cardinals and kings. 2. ..."

4. Original Letters Illustrative of English History: Including Numerous Royal by Henry Ellis (1846)
"LETTER CL Edward Lee, the King's almoner, to Henry VIII., ... He was chaplain and almoner to Henry the Eighth, by whom he was associated in the Embassy to ..."

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