Definition of Anal sphincter

1. Noun. The sphincter muscle of the anus.

Definition of Anal sphincter

1. Noun. The sphincter (= ring muscle) that surrounds the anus (=anal orifice) ¹

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Medical Definition of Anal sphincter

1. See: external anal sphincter, internal anal sphincter. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Anal sphincter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Text-book of physiology by Isaac Ott (1913)
"During defeca- lion all the organs situated in the abdomen are compressed so that fie intestinal contents may be expelled, but the anal sphincter, ..."

2. In a Time of Torture: The Assault on Justice in Egypt's Crackdown on by Human Rights Watch (Organization)., Human Rights Watch (2004)
"(AB Chun, S. Rose, C. Mitrani, AJ Silvestre, and A. Wald, "anal sphincter Structure and Function in Homosexual Males Engaging in ..."

3. An Elementary Treatise on Human Anatomy by Joseph Leidy (1889)
"The anal sphincter* is a subcutaneous, elliptical muscle surrounding the anus, and consists of a fleshy layer on each side of the aperture, convergent and ..."

4. Contributions from the Bermuda Biological Station for Research by Bermuda Biological Station for Research (1916)
"The mechanism whereby the radiating muscles of the cloaca, the circular muscles of the cloaca and anal sphincter, the anal dilators, and the muscles of the ..."

5. Chronic Constipation and Allied Conditions, Pathology, Etiology, Diagnosis by James Alexander MacMillan (1908)
"... Material—Mechanical Disturbance—Functions of the Lower Bowel—The External Anal Sphincter— The Internal anal sphincter—The Levator Ani Muscle—The Rectal ..."

6. Child Sexual Abuse: Intervention and Treatment Issues by Kathleen C. Faller (1995)
"Very occasionally there will be a finding of total absence of anal sphincter control, indicative of chronic anal penetration. If there has been forceful ..."

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