Definition of Animal disease

1. Noun. A disease that typically does not affect human beings.

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Literary usage of Animal disease

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources: A Guide to (1993)
"0177 National animal disease Center Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service USDA-RDA, PO Box 70, Ames, IA 50010 Contact: Dr. Harley W. Moon ..."

2. Special Bulletin by New York (State). Dept. of Labor (1915)
"Today it is a most prevalent animal disease, and among men the suddenness of its ... Primarily an animal disease, it frequently is transmitted to man, ..."

3. Animal Health at the Crossroads: Preventing, Detecting, And Diagnosing by National Research Council (U. S.) (2005)
"Threats from bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and exotic animal disease introductions create an urgent dimension to preventing or minimizing catastrophic ..."

4. Addressing Foodborne Threats to Health: Policies, Practices, and by Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Institute of Medicine (U.S. (2006)
"Only foreign animal disease I free of charge by government ... animal disease diagnostics in j versity, and private laboratories th] capacity. ..."

5. Clinical lectures on the physiological pathology and treatment of syphilis by Fessenden Nott Otis (1881)
"The discovery by Beale of the active principle of the cattle plague, small-pox, the vaccine, etc., — the living animal disease germ, —led to the inference ..."

6. Critical Needs for Research in Veterinary Science by Banr, National Research Council (U. S.) (2005)
"The three largest laboratories dedicated to animal health and protection research are the National animal disease Center for livestock (Ames, IA), ..."

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