Definition of Anisic

1. a. Of or derived from anise; as, anisic acid; anisic alcohol.

Definition of Anisic

1. Adjective. Of, pertaining to, or derived from anise ¹

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Definition of Anisic

1. pertaining to an anise [adj] - See also: anise

Medical Definition of Anisic

1. Of or derived from anise; as, anisic acid; anisic alcohol. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Anisic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences by Henry Watts (1870)
"The barium-salt, when prepared directly by boiling anisic acid with baryta, ... A mixture of 2 pts. anhydrous wood-spirit, 1 pt anisic acid, ..."

2. A Treatise on Chemistry by Henry Enfield Roscoe, Carl Schorlemmer (1888)
"Reinecke prepared this substance by heating anisic acid to 120° with bromine and water; it crystallizes in long needles melting at 207°. On 1 Ann. Clum. ..."

3. Elements of Chemistry: For the Use of Colleges, Academies, and Schools by Victor Regnault (1853)
"It will be seen that anisic acid may be considered as resulting from the substitution of 1 equiv. of oxygen for 1 equiv. of hydrogen,* in the molecule of ..."

4. Elements of Chemistry: Theoretical and Practical by William Allen Miller (1862)
"Chloride of Anisyl (0^0^01= 170-5) ; Sp. ffr. ri< colourless oil of a penetrating, powerful odour ; it is distilling anisic acid with perchloride of ..."

5. Hand-book of Chemistry by Leopold Gmelin, Henry Watts (1859)
"PISANI. Compt. rend. 44, 837; J. pr. Chem. 71, 189. anisic anhydride ... With boiling water it melts and, after some time, forms anisic acid ; .with heated ..."

6. An Introduction to the Study of the Compounds of Carbon, Or, Organic Chemistry by Ira Remsen (1922)
"By boiling with a solution of caustic alkali the latter is saponified, while anisic acid is not. When anisic acid is distilled with lime, anisol is formed. ..."

7. Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds; Or, Organic Chemistry by Victor von Richter (1885)
"anisic acid crystallizes from hot water in long needles, from alcohol in ... The salts of anisic acid are very soluble in water and crystallize well. ..."

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