Definition of Arch support

1. Noun. A support for the arch of the foot.

Generic synonyms: Support

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Literary usage of Arch support

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practipedics: The Science of Giving Foot Comfort and Correcting the Cause of by William Mathias Scholl (1917)
"Dr. Scholl's Tri-Spring arch support For flat-foot, broken arch and severe cases—heavy people. Dr. Scholl's Foot-Eater For easing and restoring the feet to ..."

2. The Human foot, anatomy, deformities and treatment by William Mathias Scholl (1916)
"Fit arch support extremely low, taking care to prevent skin or local irritation from pressure at any near point of the flange of the arch support. ..."

3. A Text-book on Minor Surgery by John Colin Vaughan (1922)
"The ordinary stock forms of arch support are usually unsatisfactory and are of little valuc. -II it- sheet steel brace made upon a plaster model of the foot ..."

4. Handbook of therapy by Oliver Thomas Osborne, Morris Fishbein (1920)
"... by a weakened arch, and an arch support will not correct pain in other weakened joints or ligaments. On the other hand, when the arch has fallen or has ..."

5. Manual Therapeutics, a Treatise on Massage: Its History, Mode of Application by Douglas Graham (1902)
"They do not interfere with an arch support, but reconcile the tissues to its unwonted pressure, and in many cases the foot and leg can be made so strong ..."

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