Definition of Archaea

1. Noun. (plural of archaeon) ¹

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Definition of Archaea

1. a large group of microorganisms [n] : ARCHAEAL [adj]

Medical Definition of Archaea

1. A unique group of microorganisms. They are called bacteria (Archaeobacteria) but they are genetically and metabolically different from all other known bacteria. They appear to be living fossils, the survivors of an ancient group of organisms that bridged the gap in evolution between bacteria and the eukaryotes (multicellular organisms). The name Archaea comes from the Greek archaios meaning ancient. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Archaea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ending the War Metaphor: The Changing Agenda for Unraveling the Host-Microbe by Forum on Microbial Threats, Institute of Medicine (U.S.) (2006)
"archaea are the most abundant of the three domains of life on earth, and yet it is curious that they have not been frequently implicated in human disease. ..."

2. Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars by National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars, National Research Council (U.S.). Space Studies Board, National Research Council (U.S.). Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences (2006)
"Survival in Hot Environments archaea and bacteria dominate hydrothermal ecosystems because temperatures often exceed the habitable limits of eukaryotes ..."

3. Bulletin by Geological Survey (U.S.) (1891)
"PI. 2, fig. 10. 1856. Giebel. Insect, d. vorwelt, 434. 1877. archaea ... 1856. Giebel. Insect, d. vorwelt, 435. 1879. archaea laevigata. ..."

4. Life in the Universe: An Assessment of the U.S. and International Programs by Committee On The Origins And E, ebrary, Inc (2003)
"R. Woese, O. Kandler, and ML Wheelis, Towards a Natural System of Organisms: Proposal for the Domains archaea, Bacteria and Eucarya," Proceedings of the ..."

5. Psyche: A Journal of Entomology by Cambridge Entomological Club (1890)
"... archaea Hübner. (Arch, do Museu nacional do Rio de Janeiro, 1878; ... archaea. Describes the odoriferous spots, and the scales which G: D. (4442) Müller ..."

6. The Geological Record Of Ecological Dynamics: Understanding The Biotic by National Academies Press (U.S.) (2005)
"For example, data for lipids recovered from the rock record have made it possible to establish the first appearance of the archaea and of eukaryotes (Brocks ..."

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