Definition of Arequipa

1. Noun. A city in southern Peru founded in 1540 on the site of an ancient Inca city.

Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Peru, Republic Of Peru

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Literary usage of Arequipa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in by John Pinkerton (1813)
"At about thirty leagues eaft from the city of arequipa, begins Caylloma, famous For a mountain ... lies about forty leagues fouth of the city of arequipa, ..."

2. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences by New York Academy of Sciences (1916)
"Moreover, in my previous publications I have shown that the consecutive means observed at arequipa express very well the normal ..."

3. South America: Observations and Impressions by James Bryce Bryce (1912)
"Here in arequipa, one begins to realize that Peru is in respect of population still essentially a land of the aborigines. All the lower kinds of work are ..."

4. Between the Andes and the Ocean: An Account of an Interesting Journey Down by William Eleroy Curtis (1900)
"It is a subject of boasting that arequipa is the most conservative city in ... arequipa has been famous for several things. First, because the people are so ..."

5. Spanish America: Or A Descriptive, Historical, and Geographical Account of by Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1818)
"The climate of arequipa is remarkably good, though frost is sometimes known, but the cold is ... It contains several districts, of which arequipa, Camana, ..."

6. Peru by William Hickling Prescott (1900)
"[The stout burghers of arequipa gave efficient aid to the royal governor in his contest with the younger Almagro; and their letter, signed by the ..."

7. Panama to Patagonia: The Isthmian Canal and the West Coast Countries to by Charles Melville Pepper (1906)
"arequipa is the commercial, ecclesiastical, and political capital of southern Peru. ... Their icy breath is seldom felt, for arequipa enjoys the balmiest ..."

8. The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Joseph Nelson Rose (1920)
"Distribution: Northern Chile and near arequipa, Peru. ... Figure 156 shows a branch collected by Dr. Rose near arequipa, Peru, in 1914. FIG. 156. ..."

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