Definition of Artificialities

1. Noun. (plural of artificiality) ¹

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Definition of Artificialities

1. artificiality [n] - See also: artificiality

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Literary usage of Artificialities

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mental Efficiency, and Other Hints to Men and Women by Arnold Bennett (1911)
"VIII THE PETTY artificialities THE phrase V petty artificialities," employed by one ... artificialities " is a sufficiently scornful word, but when you add ..."

2. The Reasonable Life: Being Hints for Men and Women by Arnold Bennett (1907)
"“artificialities” is a sufficiently scornful word, but when you add “petty” you somehow ... What they think they object to is artificialities of any kind, ..."

3. The Church at Play: A Manual for Directors of Social and Recreational Life by Norman Egbert Richardson (1922)
"artificialities in present-day living. THE BACK-TO-NATURE MOVEMENT The popularity of camping, and other forms of outdoor activity. But it seems very evident ..."

4. What a Young Wife Ought to Know by Emma Frances Angell Drake (1902)
"The Need of Simplicity—artificialities That make a Veil between our Souls and God. " Be not vain, oh my soul, and suffer not the din of thy vanity to deafen ..."

5. The Troubadours: A History of Provençal Life and Literature in the Middle Ages by Francis Hueffer (1878)
"In many cases this principle of connecting the different stanzas led to the most childish and trifling artificialities, as, for instance, in what the ' Leys ..."

6. A Social Mirage by Frank Leslie (1899)
"A PLEA FOR artificialities. §RETTY as a picture!" we often hear enthusiastic persons exclaim at sight of a fair ..."

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