Definition of Asteridae

1. Noun. A group of mostly sympetalous herbs and some trees and shrubs mostly with 2 fused carpels; contains 43 families including Campanulales; Solanaceae; Scrophulariaceae; Labiatae; Verbenaceae; Rubiaceae; Compositae; sometimes classified as a superorder.

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Literary usage of Asteridae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley by Thomas Henry Huxley, Michael Foster, Edwin Ray Lankester (1898)
"In most there is only one sand-canal, but in some asteridae there are several, and in Synapta serpentina there are a great number. ..."

2. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1851)
"But in the asteridae the ambulacral plates develope internal processes which ... The ambulacral plates in the asteridae, between which the canals lead from ..."

3. A General Outline of the Animal Kingdom, and Manual of Comparative Anatomy by Thomas Rymer Jones (1841)
"... and the means of progression are therefore proportionately altered. In the asteridae, the integuments, especially upon the dorsal as- ..."

4. Ocean Life by James M. Sommerville (1859)
"The nervous apparatus of the asteridae, consists of a simple circular cord, ... The general sense of touch in the asteridae is extremely delicate, ..."

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