Definition of Attaching

1. Verb. Present participle of ''to attach''. ¹

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Definition of Attaching

1. attach [v] - See also: attach

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Literary usage of Attaching

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. United States Supreme Court Reports by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, United States Supreme Court (1888)
"Noyes' machine for putting metallic molding« upon combe was ID use more than throe years before the date of plaintiff's invention for attaching sheet metal ..."

2. The Invasion of the Crimea: Its Origin, and an Account of Its Progress Down by Alexander William Kinglake (1887)
"The glory attaching to the early defence of Sebasto- pol ; this kept veiled ... The glory—true glory—attaching to the defence of Sebastopol in its early and ..."

3. The American and English Encyclopedia of Law by John Houston Merrill, Charles Frederic Williams, Thomas Johnson Michie, David Shephard Garland (1887)
"a sister State, will prevail over that of a subsequent attaching J. Eq. 366; ... 353; Ward v. subject to the claims of attaching cred- Morrison, 25 Vt. 593; ..."

4. A Treatise on Equity Jurisprudence: As Administered in the United States of by John Norton Pomeroy (1905)
"Bights of attaching Creditors Against Foreign Receivers.—In accordance with these ... Bight of attaching Creditors with Reference to Citizenship or ..."

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