Definition of Bandaged

1. Adjective. Covered or wrapped with a bandage. "An injury bound in fresh gauze"

Exact synonyms: Bound
Similar to: Treated

Definition of Bandaged

1. Verb. (past of bandage) ¹

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Definition of Bandaged

1. bandage [v] - See also: bandage

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Literary usage of Bandaged

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pye's Surgical Handicraft: A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Minor Surgery by Walter Pye (1893)
"Tlte Hand, bandaged. foot; B and C are then brought up and crossed over the back of the wrist or the ankle, and tied in a bow or reef knot ForĀ» stamp, ..."

2. Social life of the Chinese: With Some Account of Their Religious by Justus Doolittle (1866)
"The small bandaged Fed of Females: The Caste of China. ... The small bandaged Feet of Females. THE distinction between the shape and size of the feet of ..."

3. The German Terror in Belgium: An Historical Record by Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1917)
"The child's eyes were bandaged. I took part in this because we were ordered to do it by Major ... bandaged ..."

4. A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine by George Bacon Wood (1858)
"... he injected two ounces of a solution of tincture of iodine, containing fourteen minims of the tincture, and then bandaged the head, with compression. ..."

5. The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans John Howard Brown by John Howard Brown (1904)
"Hughes, who bandaged the eyes of Major Andre at the time of his execution ; secondly, Dec. 19, 1799, to Eleanor M unlock. He received the degree LL. ..."

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