Definition of Bank run

1. Noun. The concerted action of depositors who try to withdraw their money from a bank because they think it will fail.

Generic synonyms: Bank Withdrawal

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Literary usage of Bank run

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1916)
"however, is not the only fault of natural bank-run material. ... If unscreened bank-run material is used, a greater quantity of cement is required to fill ..."

2. Our Economic Organization by Leon Carroll Marshall, Leverett Samuel Lyon (1922)
"For how long a period of time ought my promissory note to the bank run? Why? 5. "I am a farmer and I buy farm machinery costing $500 with which to grow and ..."

3. Concrete on the Farm and in the Shop: A Complete Practical Treatise on the by Henry Colin Campbell (1916)
"BANK-RUN GRAVEL NOT SUITABLE The fact that nature has been very lavish with its distribution of sand and gravel, has led many users of concrete to think ..."

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