Definition of Bank withdrawal

1. Noun. The withdrawal of money from your account at a bank.

Specialized synonyms: Bank Run
Generic synonyms: Withdrawal

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Literary usage of Bank withdrawal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Savings Bank and Its Practical Work: A Practical Treatise on Savings by William Henry Kniffin (1913)
"A 85500 WILDEY SAVINGS BANK. WITHDRAWAL. « TU Z> oo Received the sum entered above as "withdrawn." vt JLv O.VYV Teller's LW. . (? ..."

2. The Kentucky Law Reporter by Kentucky Court of Appeals (1904)
"Joint deposit in bank—Withdrawal of funds—The money, including the. fee of the attorneys, having been deposited with the bank to the credit of the president ..."

3. Laundry Accounts by F. J. Livesey (1905)
"All payments should be made by cheque, and the amounts of all cheques drawn are entered in the bank withdrawal column. The difference between the two Bank ..."

4. The Banking Octopus & the Silver Question: An American Financial History by F. M. Fogg (1896)
"demonetization of silver, 1873; bank contraction of loans and withdrawal of circulation in 1881, and bank withdrawal of loans, refusal of discounts ilnd ..."

5. I Accuse! by Richard Grelling (1915)
"The facts reported by Giesl, the Austrian Ambassador (removal of gold from the National Bank, withdrawal of troops from Belgrade, removal of official papers ..."

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