Definition of Basketball league

1. Noun. A league of basketball teams.

Member holonyms: Basketball Team, Five
Generic synonyms: Conference, League

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Literary usage of Basketball league

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bristol, Connecticut by Eddy N. Smith, George Benton Smith, Allena J. Dates (1907)
"... combining in the Bristol Fraternal basketball league for a championship series of games. Nearly all the players were green at the start but in the ..."

2. Changing the Fourth Estate: Essays on South African Journalism by Adrian Hadland (2005)
"... Affairs Department number) that was also listed on the basketball league website. After I dropped the phone, I went through the list of his players. ..."

3. Muhammad Ali & Company by Thomas Hauser (1998)
"... he has rekindled a childhood dream by playing professional basketball for the Jacksonville Barracudas of the United States basketball league. ..."

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