Definition of Battle of Marathon

1. Noun. A battle in 490 BC in which the Athenians and their allies defeated the Persians.

Exact synonyms: Marathon
Generic synonyms: Pitched Battle
Geographical relationships: Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic

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Literary usage of Battle of Marathon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Thucydides Translated Into English by Benjamin Jowett, Thucydides (1881)
"II. who fall in war; only after the battle of Marathon the BC ^31. dead, in recognition of their pre-eminent valour, were interred on the field. ..."

2. Decisive Battles of the World by Edward Shepherd Creasy, John Gilmer Speed (1899)
"EXPLANATORY REMARKS ON SOME OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE battle of Marathon. Nothing is said by Herodotus of the Persian cavalry taking any part in the ..."

3. A History of Greece: From the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest. With by William Smith (1897)
"battle of Marathon. § 7. Movements of the Persians after the ... Effect of the battle of Marathon upon the Athenians. § 9. Glory of Miltiades. § 10. ..."

4. The Observer by Richard Cumberland (1822)
"I now propose to proceed with the history to the battle of Marathon inclusive, beyond which I shall have no occasion to follow it, and shall then resume my ..."

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