Definition of Battle of austerlitz

1. Noun. A decisive battle during the Napoleonic campaigns (1805); the French under Napoleon defeated the Russian armies of Czar Alexander I and the Austrian armies of Emperor Francis II.

Exact synonyms: Austerlitz
Generic synonyms: Pitched Battle
Group relationships: Napoleonic Wars
Geographical relationships: Austerlitz

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Literary usage of Battle of austerlitz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Memoirs of Prince Metternich: 1773-[1829] by Clemens Wenzel Lothar Metternich, Alfons Klinkowström, Robina Napier, Gerard W. Smith (1881)
"... informs us of the loss of the battle of Austerlitz and the transference of the department of Foreign Affairs to Teschen. All the subsequent accounts, ..."

2. The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte by William Hazlitt (1852)
"battle of austerlitz. Coalition between England, Austria, and Russia, against France; Napoleon draws his troops towards the Rhine ; Duroc despatched to ..."

3. Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat: 1802-1808 by Paul Louis Étienne de Rémusat, Frances Cashel Hoey, John Lillie (1880)
"The Battle of Austerlitz—The Emperor Alexander—Negotiations—Prince Charles—M. ... Battle of Austerlitz ..."

4. History of the Eighteenth Century and of the Nineteenth Till the Overthrow by F[riedrich] C[hristoph] Schlosser (1850)
"AFTER the battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon found in Francis the Second a ruler who, from his weakness and his completely Italian character, proved as useful a ..."

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