Definition of Beer drinker

1. Noun. Someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale.

Exact synonyms: Ale Drinker
Generic synonyms: Drinker, Imbiber, Juicer, Toper

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Literary usage of Beer drinker

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Alcohol, a Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine by Fritz Wilhelm Woll, Alfred Fournier, Martha Meir Allen (1900)
"And the beer-drinker, as a rule, does persevere till death stops his ... A non-beer- drinker at forty is considered a good risk—a beer-drinker at that age ..."

2. The Year Book of the United States Brewers' Association by United States Brewers' Association (1920)
"Has been a constant beer drinker since he was a young man, taking about five ... Has been a beer drinker since childhood, and has used alcohol rather freely ..."

3. Alcohol, the Sanction for Its Use: Scientifically Established and Populary by J. Starke (1907)
"While therefore with the dram drinker the nervous symptoms and those of atrophy predominate, with the beer drinker the circulatory symptoms are always ..."

4. Alcohol, a Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine: How and Why; what Medical by Martha Meir Allen (1900)
"The ' expectation ' of life in a beer-drinker is cut short by his appetite. ... And the beer-drinker, as a rule, does persevere till death stops his ..."

5. The Foundation of death: A Study of the Drink-question by Axel Gustafson (1885)
"Consequently, the wine-drinker is neither emaciated like the gin-drinker, nor bloated like the beer- drinker. As the beer-drinker takes beer in addition to ..."

6. The Temperance Movement: Or, The Conflict Between Man and Alcohol by Henry William Blair (1888)
"The old definition of a regular beer drinker was true :— " Every morning an empty barrel, every night a barrel of beer." Of all intoxicating drinks it is ..."

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