Definition of Beer keg

1. Noun. A barrel that holds beer.

Exact synonyms: Beer Barrel
Generic synonyms: Barrel, Cask

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Literary usage of Beer keg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Darkness and Daylight, Or, Lights and Shadows of New York Life: A Woman's by Helen Campbell, Thomas Wallace Knox, Thomas Byrnes (1900)
"... Three o'clock in the Morning —A Typical Street Boy — One of the Gang—" Snoozin' " on a beer keg — A Suspicious Looking Wagon — A Whispered Consultation ..."

2. Children of the Tenements by Jacob August Riis (1904)
"They formed a hollow square around something that looked uncommonly like a beer-keg. A number of tin growlers stood beside it. The Sergeant picked up one ..."

3. The Black Bear of Pennsylvania (Ursus Americanus) by Henry Wharton Shoemaker, John C. French (1921)
"This trap is made by driving long sharp spikes through the edge of a beer keg, then placing a bait on the bottom of the keg. The keg is then chained to a ..."

4. Rebuilding the Unity of Health And the Environment in Rural America by James A. Merchant, Christine Coussens, Dalia Gilbert (2006)
"As a result of the partnership's activity, Keokuk County is the first county in Iowa to have passed a beer keg registration ordinance, which requires people ..."

5. Centennial History of Missouri: (the Center State) One Hundred Years in the by Walter Barlow Stevens (1921)
"The beer keg Battery. A relic which Missourians brought home from the Civil war was "the beer keg Battery." Everybody has heard how big wooden guns, ..."

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