Definition of Big game

1. Noun. Large animals that are hunted for sport.

Generic synonyms: Game

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Literary usage of Big game

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our Vanishing Wild Life: Its Extermination and Preservation by William Temple Hornaday (1913)
"With a modern rifle, the greatest duffer on earth can creep up within killing distance of any of the big game of the North. The gray wolf is practically the ..."

2. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1894)
"THE volumes on big game Shooting in the " Badminton Library " are perhaps the ... His preliminary remarks on big game Shooting generally teach many a lesson ..."

3. The Works of Theodore Roosevelt by Theodore Roosevelt (1906)
"Full knowledge of a new breed of rhinoceros, or a full description of the life history and chase of almost any kind of big game, is worth more than any ..."

4. Outing (1893)
"A GLANCE AT big game. BY ED. W. SANDYS. LTHOUGH the "king of American game" is unquestionably that grim ruffian, the grizzly bear ([/rsus horri- bilis), ..."

5. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1910)
"place of the tiger and other big game, which have been transformed into fine rubber plantations, and now Malacca, which has for years been largely neglected ..."

6. American Book Prices Current (1913)
"big game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains. NYF 1899. 8vo. Cl., une., Housman, A., Jan. 6, '13. (311) $3.75. CL, une., Lauer, A., May 13, '13. ..."

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