Definition of Binderies

1. Noun. (plural of bindery) ¹

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Definition of Binderies

1. bindery [n] - See also: bindery

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Literary usage of Binderies

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Economic Position of Women by Academy of Political Science (U.S.), Academy of Political Science (U.S. (1910)
"Take the magazine binderies. They don't keep the girls a full month. Ten days is their month. Twelve days is a long month. It's a bad arrangement to do ..."

2. The Library Association Record by Library Association (1906)
"... should be addressed to The Publications Committee, Library Association, London School of Economics, Clare Market, London, WC LIBRARY binderies.1 BY ER ..."

3. Women in the Bookbinding Trade by Mary Van Kleeck (1913)
"CHAPTER III WOMEN'S WORK IN THE binderies WOM EN stand only on the threshold of the bindery trade. Their work is chiefly confined to what is called the ..."

4. Applied Mechanical Arithmetic as Practiced on the Comptometer by Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company (1914)
"PRINTING HOUSES AND binderies The Comptometer is a great aid and time saver in handling and figuring the work in Printing Houses and binderies. ..."

5. Papers and Proceedings of the ... General Meeting of the American Library by American Library Association General Meeting (1892)
"BINDING AND binderies. BY DVR JOHNSTON, REFERENCE LIBRARIAN NY STATE LIBRARY, ALBANY. TT is hardly supposable that with the present knowledge of library ..."

6. Nashville Business Directory (1860)
"Planter's Hotel, corner of Summer and Deadrick Sts. Broadway House, Broad street. Jones' House, cor. Front St. and Public Square. BOOK-binderies. ..."

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