Definition of Bishop ulfila

1. Noun. A Christian believed to be of Cappadocian descent who became bishop of the Visigoths in 341 and translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic; traditionally held to have invented the Gothic alphabet (311-382).

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Literary usage of Bishop ulfila

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Concise History of the Christian Church: From Its First Establishment to by George Gregory (1845)
"... and their progress in Christianity was considerably increased by the zeal and abilities of their bishop, Ulfila, who translated the Scriptures into ..."

2. Lives of the Fathers: Sketches of Church History in Biography by Frederick William Farrar (1889)
"The whole Gothic nation was converted by the Arian bishop Ulfila. Alaric, the first conqueror of Rome, and Genseric, the first conqueror of Africa, ..."

3. Teuffels̓ History of Roman Literature by Wilhelm Sigismund Teuffel (1892)
"The commentary on Luke was probably composed a. 370 by the Gothic bishop Ulfila, the dogmatic Tractate by one of his pupils, perhaps Auxentius, ..."

4. Introduction to Our Early English Literature (from the Earliest Times to the by William Clarke Robinson (1885)
"bishop ulfila AND THE GOTHIC BIBLE. Ulfila was born in AD 311, in Moesia, of a noble family settled near the banks of the lower Danube. ..."

5. A Grammar of the German Language for High Schools and Colleges: Designed for by Hermann Carl George Brandt (1894)
"... by their bishop Ulfila (AD 310—381). The manuscript is of the sixth century. a. In comparison with Anglo-Saxon and OHG the language is "simple," but in ..."

6. Passages in a Wandering Life by Thomas Arnold (1900)
"... version of the Scriptures, made by bishop ulfila in the fourth century. This MS. was brought from Prague to Stockholm by Count Konigsmark, ..."

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