Definition of Blue devils

1. Noun. A state of depression. "He had a bad case of the blues"

Exact synonyms: Blues, Megrims, Vapors, Vapours
Generic synonyms: Depression

Definition of Blue devils

1. Noun. (idiomatic) low spirits; depression ¹

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Literary usage of Blue devils

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Debates in the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, 1917-1918 by Massachusetts Constitutional Convention (1920)
"On the 13th of June, 1918, the Sergeant-at-Arms escorted into the chamber nearly one hundred of the Chasseurs-à-Pied, the so-called “blue devils” of France, ..."

2. Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River by George Back (1836)
"—A Receipt for the Cure of "blue devils."—Description of a Voyageur't Tent. — A Land Storm. — The Grand Rapid. — Advance of Cultivation. ..."

3. Memoirs of the Life of John Philip Kemble, Esq.: Including a History of the by James Boaden (1825)
"blue devils.—French Fable.—Le Texier.— Cambro Britons.—Palmer's Farewell to the Author.—His Death.—Benefits for his Children. WE have recently seen too many ..."

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