Definition of Blue elder

1. Noun. Shrub or small tree of western United States having white flowers and blue berries; fruit used in wines and jellies.

Exact synonyms: Blue Elderberry, Sambucus Caerulea
Group relationships: Genus Sambucus, Sambucus
Generic synonyms: Elder, Elderberry Bush

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Literary usage of Blue elder

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope by George Bishop Sudworth (1908)
"Mature " berries," of similar form and size to those of the blue elder, ... Wood, pale yellowish brown, and otherwise similar to that of blue elder. ..."

2. Atlantis Arisen: Or, Talks of a Tourist about Oregon and Washington by Frances Fuller Victor (1891)
"The blue elder becomes a handsome tree forty feet in height in the Columbia region, and two other varieties, with red and yellow berries, ..."

3. Summerland Sketches: Or Rambles in the Backwoods of Mexico and Central America by Felix Leopold Oswald (1880)
"... covered with larkspur, foxgloves, white euphorbia, rhododendrons, and orange-colored asclepias. The blue elder (Sambucus pubescens) was still in bloom ..."

4. Early Greek Philosophy by John Burnet (1908)
"(93) The berry of the blue elder is mingled with scarlet. (94) And the black colour at the bottom of a river arises from the shadow. ..."

5. Adulteration of Foods.. by R.J. Atcherley (1874)
"... becoming black with excess of alkali Privet berries . . . precipitate purplish brown Myrtle ,, ... ,, greyish blue Elder ,, ... ,, purple Brazil wood . ..."

6. Missouri Historical Review by State Historical Society of Missouri (1919)
"representing the national colors, red, white and blue. Elder George Edwards, of the Primitive Baptist church, delivered a short, but impressive ceremony. ..."

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