Definition of Bottle gentian

1. Noun. Gentian of eastern North America having tubular blue or white flowers that open little if at all.

Exact synonyms: Blind Gentian, Closed Gentian, Gentiana Andrewsii
Generic synonyms: Gentian

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Literary usage of Bottle gentian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New York Teacher, and the American Educational Monthly (1871)
"Thus, the bottle- gentian never opens its close-shut buds, and the fringed- gentian has a wilful way of closing its flowers soon after they have been ..."

2. The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated Checklist and Atlas by Ann Fowler Rhoads, William M. Klein (1993)
"Believed to be extirpated, represented by a single collection from Delaware Co. in 1888. Gentiana clausa Raf. Meadow bottle gentian Herbaceous perennial ..."

3. The World Book: Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture edited by Michael Vincent O'Shea, Ellsworth D. Foster, George Herbert Locke (1918)
"... each slender stem beaning but one large bell-shaped, light-blue flower, and the closed on bottle gentian, in which the flowers never open. ..."

4. Nature's Garden: An Aid to Knowledge of Our Wild Flowers and Their Insect by Neltje Blanchan (1907)
"A deep, intense blue is the Closed, Blind, or bottle gentian (G. Andrewsii), more truly the color of the "male bluebird's back," to which Thoreau likened ..."

5. Cyclopedia of American Horticulture: Comprising Suggestions for Cultivation by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Wilhelm Miller (1900)
"CLOSED, BLIND or bottle gentian. Fig. 898. Stem ascending: fls. purplish blue; calyx lobes lanceolate to ..."

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