Definition of Brake disk

1. Noun. A disk or plate that is fixed to the wheel; pressure is applied to it by the brake pads.

Generic synonyms: Disc, Disk
Group relationships: Disc Brake, Disk Brake

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Literary usage of Brake disk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Horseless Age (1899)
"... in case the brake disk S* is held fast long enough, by means of one of the brakes, while in the latter case the carriage is only stopped when the brake ..."

2. The Modern Gasoline Automobile: Its Design, Construction, Operation and by Victor Wilfred Pagé (1917)
"470, C. The clutch brake disk attached to the driven shaft comes in contact with the fixed member on the non- rotatable clutch throwout housing and prevents ..."

3. Electric Lighting and Power Distribution: An Elementary Manual of Electrical by William Perren Maycock (1903)
"Thus the field of the magnet A completes its circuit partly below and partly above its poles B, B. Attached to the spindle is a second or brake disk BD, ..."

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