Definition of Brake drum

1. Noun. A hollow cast-iron cylinder attached to the wheel that forms part of the brakes.

Exact synonyms: Drum
Group relationships: Drum Brake
Generic synonyms: Cylinder

Definition of Brake drum

1. Noun. A hollow metal cylinder, attached to a wheel of a vehicle, to which pressure is applied when braking. ¹

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Literary usage of Brake drum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia by Andrew Lee Dyke (1920)
"... cam type and occasionally with the toggle type, to make internal adjustment« it ig necessary to re- n-ove the wheel, carrying with it the brake drum. ..."

2. Report of the Annual Meeting (1867)
"A spur-wheel, fast on a main shaft, driven by the engine, geared into another spur-wheel centered in the periphery of a brake- drum, loose on the main shaft ..."

3. Self-propelled Vehicles: A Practical Treatise on the Theory, Construction by James Edward Homans (1910)
"It thus appears that the braking power, applied around the periphery of the brake drum, is efficient in retarding the momentum of a forward-moving vehicle ..."

4. Automobile Engineering: A General Reference Work by American Technical Society (1921)
"By making a mandrel the same as the axle spindle and having a pair of dummy bearings to place on it, the brake drum can be slipped on to the mandrel, ..."

5. Putnam's Automobile Handbook: The Care and Management of the Modern Motor-car by Harry Clifford Brokaw, Charles Ackerman Starr (1918)
"... is due to the lining •wearing thin and allowing the copper rivets, with which it is fastened to the band, to come in contact with the brake drum. ..."

6. The Horseless Age (1903)
"Gear pinions are fastened to the hub of this brake drum and to the sleeve on the driving shaft, meshing with the two other sets of planetary pinions ..."

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