Definition of Break even

1. Verb. Make neither profit nor loss.

Antonyms: Lose, Profit

2. Verb. Attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport.
Generic synonyms: Attain, Hit, Reach

Definition of Break even

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To neither gain nor lose money. ¹

2. Verb. (idiomatic) To stay the same; to neither advance nor regress. ¹

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Literary usage of Break even

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Creating Markets for Energy Technologies by International Energy Agency (2003)
"Making Photovoltaics break even 10 1/1 0,1 1000 Price competition with incumbent technology (usually fossil fuel) 0,1 Source: OECD/IEA(2000). ..."

2. Selling Used Books Online: The Complete Guide to Bookselling at Amazon's by Stephen Windwalker (2002)
"Does this mean that $5% of aff of your revenues beyond your break-even ... But you should have a good handle on your break-even budget so that you know what ..."

3. Breaking Into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide to Exporting edited by Kathy Parker (1997)
"This level of sales is called the Break-Even Point (BEP) sales level. ... To calculate the break-even point, costs must be identified as being either fixed ..."

4. Water Balances in the Eastern Mediterranean by David B. Brooks, Ozay Mehmet (2000)
"The break-even prices given here for Nicosia and Gazimagusa are based on the ... Table 11 gives the break-even prices of water per cubic metre for various ..."

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