Definition of Calosoma scrutator

1. Noun. Large metallic blue-green beetle that preys on caterpillars; found in North America.

Exact synonyms: Searcher, Searcher Beetle
Generic synonyms: Calosoma

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Literary usage of Calosoma scrutator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Zoological Miscellany: Being Descriptions of New Or Interesting Animals by William Elford Leach, Richard P. Nodder (1815)
"All the species have a metallic lustre ; whence their name, signifying a beautiful body, is derived. TAB. XCIII. calosoma scrutator. ..."

2. Psyche: A Journal of Entomology by Cambridge Entomological Club (1890)
"This is exemplified in the instances of calosoma scrutator and C. ... ninety Ç and thirty £ calosoma scrutator ; one hundred and ten Ç and twenty-six ..."

3. Modern Nature Study: A First Book for Use in Canadian Schools by S. Silcox (1902)
"calosoma scrutator is a beneficial beetle. WATER BEETLES calosoma scrutator. The Whirligig Beetles will attract your attention if you spend much time about ..."

4. The Ottawa Naturalist by Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (1890)
"The probable occurrence here of the large handsome green calosoma scrutator has been noted in the present volume, and it is hoped that its presence at the ..."

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