Definition of Cameos

1. Noun. (plural of cameo) ¹

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Definition of Cameos

1. cameo [v] - See also: cameo

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Literary usage of Cameos

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Portfolio: Monographs on Artistic Subjects by Philip Gilbert Hamerton (1899)
"cameos may, to some extent, be defined as small sculptures executed in low relief on some substance precious either for its beauty, ..."

2. The Anglo-Saxon Review by Randolph Spencer Churchill (1899)
"ON cameos, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE MARLBOROUGH GEMS BY CYRIL ... From the beginning of cameos existing by themselves — I mean not being simply the ..."

3. A Popular Handbook to the Greek and Roman Antiquities in the British Museum by Edward Tyas Cook (1903)
"However, cameos such as these are showy and highly decorative at a distance, ... We must listen next to an appreciation :— " The larger cameos were always ..."

4. A Visit to Europe in 1851 by Benjamin Silliman (1854)
"cameos.—The beautiful ornaments which are now cut from shells, in imitation of the ancient cameos, are familiar to all. We have visited the shops in Rome ..."

5. Elements of Technology: Taken Chiefly from a Course of Lectures Delivered at by Jacob Bigelow (1831)
"The first of these are cameos, which are little bas-reliefs or figures, raised above ... They differ from cameos in having the figure cut into, or below, ..."

6. Catalogue of Early Christian Antiquities and Objects from the Christian East by Ormonde Maddock Dalton (1901)
"(6) cameos. With the cameos strictly so called are included small carvings in ... Other Byzantine cameos with the Annunciation, but differently treated, ..."

7. The Utilization of Minute Life: Being Practical Studies on Insects by Thomas Lamb Phipson (1864)
"... or Cockle—Solen—<Pecten maximus —Tellina — Tridacna gigas — Chama — cameos— Stone cameos and Shell cameos—Chinese cameos— ..."

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