Definition of Camera angle

1. Noun. The point of view of a camera.

Generic synonyms: Point Of View

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Literary usage of Camera angle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Script Models: A Handbook for the Media Writerby Robert Lee, Robert Misiorowski by Robert Lee, Robert Misiorowski (1978)
"camera angle, the camera's point of view toward the subject: from above ("high angle"), below ("low angle"), or off-axis. The term angle of view is usually ..."

2. The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Proceedings by Yusuf Pisan, SIGART. (2005)
"This last kind of service, 'be your own editor' or 'choose your own camera angle', is based on the principle that the same event, for example, ..."

3. Technique of the Photoplay by Epes Winthrop Sargent (1916)
"In some studios architect's scale paper is used for all plots and this may be printed up with the camera angle. 8. Most persons are familiar with the ..."

4. The U. S. Coal Industry, 1970-1990: Two Decades of Change (1992)
"In photography, a term used to mean reshooting the same action from a different camera angle. Oxidized hemoglobin in the arterial blood. ..."

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