Definition of Camera operator

1. Noun. A photographer who operates a movie camera.

Exact synonyms: Cameraman, Cinematographer
Generic synonyms: Lensman, Photographer
Derivative terms: Cinematography

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Literary usage of Camera operator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readers' Theater Grade 5 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Evan-Moor, Michael Ryall, Don Robison (2003)
"camera operator: Excuse me, Mr. Lee. We're ready to start filming. ... Camera Operator: You guys were moving too fast for the film to catch the movement. ..."

2. Field Notebook for Oral History by Stacy Erickson (1993)
"On a practical level, the camera operator is useful also as a grip; ... This is less likely to be a problem if the camera operator does not appear to be ..."

3. The Media and the Rwanda Genocide by Allan Thompson (2007)
"What I know is that on three different occasions, killing was filmed by a Reuters camera operator, an unknown Rwandan camera operator and me. ..."

4. Airplane Photography by Herbert Eugene Ives (1920)
"On the other hand, that military ideal which leaves the camera operator the greatest possible ... The camera operator can now be required to be an expert, ..."

5. The Technical World Magazine (1909)
"... and each one shows the black front of the camera, the camera lens, and the white hand of the camera operator placed across the front for this purpose. ..."

6. Moving Pictures: How They are Made and Worked by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot (1914)
"Watch in hand, the camera operator follows it through from end to end. The producer has decided the length of film the whole play shall occupy, ..."

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