Definition of Canary wine

1. Noun. A sweet white wine from the Canary Islands.

Generic synonyms: White Wine

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Literary usage of Canary wine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of Inventions and Discoveries: Alphabetically Arranged by Francis Sellon White (1827)
"... with an additional grant of one terse of canary wine, be taken out of the King's store of wines yearly. i ..."

2. An Essay on Judicial Power and Unconstitutional Legislation, Being a by Brinton Coxe (1893)
"Of the canary wine trade and the statute of 15 Charles II., cap. ... For many years canary wine was shipped directly from the islands to New England and New ..."

3. A History and Description of Modern Wine by Cyrus Redding (1851)
"This author, describing canary wine, says, that Canary " which beareth the name of the islands from whence it is brought, is of some termed a sacke, ..."

4. Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 by John Franklin Jameson (1909)
"Among the incidents which happened while I was here was that of an English ketch arriving here from the north, with thirty pipes of canary wine. ..."

5. The English Illustrated Magazine (1899)
"Never does a stitch o' honest labour, but sucks pep'mint to find a thirst, and bibs canary wine to quench it. And it's you and me, George, you and me, John, ..."

6. The Founders: Portraits of Persons Born Abroad who Came to the Colonies in by Charles Knowles Bolton (1919)
"... with thirty pipes of canary wine. There was a supercargo on it, who was from the same city, in England, as the servant of the minister of this town, ..."

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