Definition of Carabaos

1. Noun. (plural of carabao) ¹

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Definition of Carabaos

1. carabao [n] - See also: carabao

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Literary usage of Carabaos

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Stories of Long Ago in the Philippines by Dudley Odell McGovney (1906)
"WILD carabaos In all the islands there were large numbers of wild carabaos. The Spaniards shot them with guns. The guns were very weak, and sometimes a ..."

2. The Philippine Journal of Science by Philippines Bureau of Science (1907)
"... Septicaemia of carabaos. By Paul G. Woolley, MD No. l-'i, 1904.—Scrum Laboratory: Texas Fever in the Philippine Islands and the Far East. ..."

3. The First Year Book by Mary Helen Fee, Margaret A. Purcell, Parker Fillmore, John W. Ritchie (1907)
"He is cutting grass. carabao Are the three carabaos working ? No, the three carabaos are not working. One carabao is eating grass. Two carabaos are in the ..."

4. An Englishwoman in the Philippines by Campbell Dauncey (1906)
"LETTER X. A FILIPINO THEATRE—carabaos • fV ILOILO, January 22, 1905. WE went a night or two ago to a performance at the theatre—a Filipino performance in a ..."

5. A Merry Banker in the Far East (and South America) by Walter H. Young (1916)
"CHAPTER VI carabaos AND A POKER-PARTY SHORTLY after the departure of the bank inspector, Bob Kinley, a young merchant in the Manchester rag-trade, ..."

6. Acts of the Philippine Commission, No.1-1800 (1904)
"Resolved, That the chief of the forestry bureau be, and he is hereby, authorized to purchase from the insular purchasing agent 4 carabaos for use in making ..."

7. Bulletin by Philippines. Bureau of forestry (1906)
"A team of six to eight carabaos, with a driver for each animal, ... Two carabaos and their drivers will haul about four logs per day on the tram car from ..."

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