Definition of Carver

1. Noun. United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943).

2. Noun. Makes decorative wooden panels.
Exact synonyms: Woodcarver
Generic synonyms: Woodman, Woodsman, Woodworker
Derivative terms: Carve

3. Noun. An artist who creates sculptures.

4. Noun. Someone who carves the meat.
Exact synonyms: Cutter
Generic synonyms: Diner
Derivative terms: Carve

Definition of Carver

1. n. One who carves; one who shapes or fashions by carving, or as by carving; esp. one who carves decorative forms, architectural adornments, etc.

Definition of Carver

1. Noun. One who carves ¹

2. Noun. (dated) carving knife ¹

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Definition of Carver

1. one that carves [n -S] - See also: carves

Medical Definition of Carver

1. A dental hand instrument, available in a wide variety of end shapes, used for forming and contouring wax, filling materials, etc. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Carver

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dictionary of National Biography by LESLIE. STEPHEN (1887)
"carver suffered much from January to March. On 22 March 1621 carver made a ... In his time the name of carver, alias Culver, was common in the midland ..."

2. A Selection of Leading Cases, on Various Branches of the Law: With Notes by John William Smith, John Innes Clark Hare, Horace Binney Wallace, Henry Singer Keating, John William Wallace, James Shaw Willes (1855)
"And the said Erasmus carver and William carver, for the considerations hereinbefore mentioned, do hereby covenant, ..."

3. The History of Minnesota: From the Earliest French Explorations to the by Edward Duffield Neill (1858)
"In the year 1794, the heirs of carver's American wife, iu consideration of fifty thousand pounds sterling, conveyed their interest in the carver grunt to ..."

4. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Common Pleas and by Great Britain Court of Common Pleas, Henry Blackstone, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber (1827)
"And the said Erasmus carver and William " carver, for the considerations hereinbefore mentioned, do " hereby covenant, promise and agree, to and with the ..."

5. Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society by Minnesota Historical Society (1876)
"It was brother •*- JONATHAN carver, a keen Yankee from Connecticut — not indeed ... SOME ACCOUNT OF carver. JONATHAN carver was a grandson of WILLIAM JOSEPH ..."

6. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present by Joseph Sabin, Wilberforce Eames, Bibliographical Society of America, Robert William Glenroie Vail (1870)
"carver. Reize door de binnenlanden van Noord-Amerika, door Jonathan carver ... 11190 carver. A Treatise on the Culture of the Tobacco Plant; with the Manner ..."

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