Definition of Cash card

1. Noun. A credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash.

Exact synonyms: Cashcard
Generic synonyms: Charge Card, Charge Plate, Credit Card, Plastic

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Literary usage of Cash card

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Art of Collecting: A Statement of the Underlying Principles and by Ralph Joseph Cassell (1913)
"The "cash" card is the same as the "ledger" card only as far as the ... Underneath this heading on the "cash" card is a line reading "Statement Sent" The ..."

2. OECD Economics Glossary: English-French = Glossaire de L'économie de L'OCDE by Oecd, SourceOECD (Online service) (2006)
"... t mensuel fixe du compte [BAN] cash card carte de retrait d'espèces [BAN] Charge card 1. carte de crédit <ÉTATS-UNIS> [BAN] - 2. carte de débit différé ..."

3. Convention by National Electric Light Association Convention, National Independent Meat Packers Association, University of Georgia College of Agriculture, University of Georgia Dept. of Food Science (1902)
"This enabled the treasurer to make one entry each day on his cash card, crediting "Customers' Accounts Receivable," and the ledger man made his credits of ..."

4. On the Cards: Privacy, Identity and Trust in the Age of Smart Technologies by Perri 6, Ivan Briscoe (1996)
"... which discharge a bought store of value — like the Visa cash card, piloted in Australia and various US states — to electronic purses connected to bank ..."

5. Adventure Guide Germany by Henk Bekker (2005)
"Money In Germany, the normal bank cash card is also a debit card and the preferred way of paying. Credit cards can be used in most shops, hotels, ..."

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