Definition of Castling

1. Noun. Interchanging the positions of the king and a rook.

Exact synonyms: Castle
Generic synonyms: Chess Move
Derivative terms: Castle, Castle

Definition of Castling

1. n. That which is cast or brought forth prematurely; an abortion.

2. n. A compound move of the king and castle. See Castle, v. i.

Definition of Castling

1. Noun. (obsolete) An abortion, or a premature birth. ¹

2. Noun. (obsolete) The second or third swarm of bees which leaves a hive in a season. ¹

3. Noun. (chess) A move in which the king moves two squares towards a rook, and the rook moves to the other side of the king; the action of the verb ''to castle''. ¹

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Definition of Castling

1. castle [v] - See also: castle

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Literary usage of Castling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice by James Mason (1896)
"In castling, the King is moved two squares in the direction of the Book to be moved with him, ... Thus in castling on his own side the King goes to K Kt sq, ..."

2. An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess: Containing One Hundred Examples by François Danican Philidor, William Jones, Benjamin Franklin (1824)
"Middle of the Board, \ an Unf^tunate Mate, OF castling THE KINO. 1. castling the King is done by moving it over two squares, either on its own side, ..."

3. The Queensland Law Journal Reports by W. H. Osborne (1890)
"castling AND OTHERS Г. MAJOR AND OTHERS. Will, construction of—Powers of thc ... Catherine Major of Townsville 'aforesaid and William Joseph castling of ..."

4. Chess by Leopold Hoffer (1916)
"castling. Once in the gaum the King has the privilege of making a double move in ... In castling on tin King's side, the King is move<* to K Kt's square, ..."

5. Palmer's Index to "The Times" Newspaper (1899)
"Cain, Henry, and another, for Unlawful Possession, 11 i 1n /, — castling, Alice, for Stealing, 16 m 14 s . ..."

6. An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess: Containing One Hundred Examples by Benjamin Franklin, William Jones, François Danican Philidor (1820)
"castling the King is done by moving it over two squares, either on its ... There is a double advantage in castling, placing the . ..."

7. The Chess-player's Companion: Comprising a New Treatise on Odds, and a by Howard Staunton (1849)
"... and Pieces as to prevent the adversary from castling, and making the game even. The player giving the odds should not play a confined game, as many do, ..."

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