Definition of Catchall

1. Noun. An enclosure or receptacle for odds and ends.

Generic synonyms: Enclosure, Receptacle

Definition of Catchall

1. Noun. Any place or repository where things are placed indiscriminately or without careful thought. ¹

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Definition of Catchall

1. a container for odds and ends [n -S]

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Literary usage of Catchall

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Boy's Workshop: With Plans and Designs for In-door and Out-door Work by Harry Craigin, Henry Randall Waite (1884)
"—A BOY'S "catchall." rI ""HERE is no better way for a boy to spend his -*- evenings, half-holidays, and vacations, than in making some useful and pretty ..."

2. Tariff ... Hearing[s] ... on H.R. 7456 by United States Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance (1921)
"In the catchall clause? Senator SMOOT. What increase do you want in the catchall clause ? Senator SMOOT. Yes. Mr. MIGEL. Л minimum of 32.5 cents American ..."

3. Wisconsin Journal of Education by Wisconsin Teachers' Association, Wisconsin Education Association Council, Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (1882)
"It is charged by some that this department will become simply a " catchall " for all the vicious and lazy boys and girls of the school, and that it will ..."

4. Geology of Wisconsin: Survey of 1873-1879 by Wisconsin Chief Geologist, Wisconsin Geological Survey (1877)
"catchall Diggings. NW qr. Sec. 30, T. 1, R. 2 E. These diggings have in former years ... The catchall diggings ceased being worked in January. l*7:i. ..."

5. Cassier's Magazine edited by [Anonymus AC02877163] (1903)
"9, the steam is taken from the stop valve and passes through a catchall /•', where the froth or scum, which in most cases is carried over by the priming ..."

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