Definition of Cattle drive

1. Noun. Driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers).

Generic synonyms: Drive

Definition of Cattle drive

1. Noun. The process of transporting a herd of bovine animals (such as bulls, cows, or steers) by compelling them to walk across a significant distance of countryside, under the escort of drovers on horseback and often over a period of days. ¹

2. Noun. A trail or route used for the movement of herds of cattle. ¹

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Literary usage of Cattle drive

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Adventure Guide to Oklahoma by Lynne M. Sullivan (1999)
"Woodward Dewey County Great Western cattle drive, -s 580-995-3120, is organized by ... The three-day cattle drive takes place the first weekend in June, ..."

2. When Kansas was Young by Thomas Allen McNeal (1922)
"Before the railroad reached Medicine Lodge, the day of the cattle drive was passed, and while a bad man occasionally sojourned there for a night, ..."

3. Western Canada by Paul-Eric Dumontier, Jennifer McMorran, Pierre Longnus (2004)
"If you're here in February or early March, you will certainly be able to catch a show. July Kamloops cattle drive •0800-288-5850 ..."

4. Harper's New Monthly Magazine by Henry Mills Alden (1884)
"... the relative birth increase, so the annual cattle drive from Texas must yet be the base of supplies for all the country north. .-Ио. 410. ..."

5. Report on the Internal Commerce of the United States by Joseph Nimmo (1885)
"... hence tlie delay in answering. lu reply to your inquiries concerning the Texas cattle drive, I would say that the statement published in my annual ..."

6. Report of the Trial of the Queen: At the Prosecution of the Rt. Hon. the by Charles Stewart Parnell, Ireland Court of King's Bench (1881)
"No, it was made into a magnificent cattle drive. ... It was a lovely village which was converted into a great cattle drive, and the people were banished, ..."

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