Definition of Cattle ranch

1. Noun. Farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle).

Exact synonyms: Cattle Farm, Ranch, Spread
Generic synonyms: Farm
Derivative terms: Ranch

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Literary usage of Cattle ranch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Marvels of the New West: A Vivid Portrayal of the Stupendous Marvels in the by William Makepeace Thayer (1887)
"A WOMAN ON A cattle ranch. This is a veritable experience received from the lips of the woman herself. We do not present it because it is at all exceptional ..."

2. Campfires on Desert and Lava by William Temple Hornaday (1908)
"... World— An Encounter with Indians—Our First Accident Averted—A cattle ranch Around a Desert Well—Animal Life of the First Day —The First Camp-Fire. ..."

3. Type Studies from the Geography of the United States by Charles Alexander McMurry (1904)
"A cattle ranch • the cattle ranches of the western plains are found the ... Such a cattle ranch as we are describing lies in a creek bottom where there are ..."

4. Productive Feeding of Farm Animals by Fritz Wilhelm Woll (1921)
"Battery of four cement silo- on a California cattle ranch. Dimensions 20 feet in diameter, and UO feet high, capacity about 400 tons each. ..."

5. The Resources of California: Comprising Agriculture, Mining, Geography by John Shertzer Hittell (1863)
"The state has not one large cattle-ranch surrounded by fence, and therefore, ... The proper and profitable method of managing an extensive cattle-ranch, ..."

6. S.D. Butcher's Pioneer History of Custer County: And Short Sketches of Early by Solomon Devore Butcher (1901)
"Next is a sheep and cattle ranch, owned by the Wysong brothers. From here we arrive at a fine cattle ranch with about 400 cattle owned by the Body brothers. ..."

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