Definition of Center of flotation

1. Noun. The center of gravity of a floating object.

Exact synonyms: Centre Of Flotation
Generic synonyms: Center Of Gravity, Centre Of Gravity

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Literary usage of Center of flotation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Naval Construction by Richard Hallett Meredith Robinson, United States Naval Academy (1914)
"The point of contact of the trunnion with the water surface will then be the " center of flotation" and point of support. This point has its instantaneous ..."

2. The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by Isaac Smith Homans, William Buck Dana (1860)
"Again, in adopting the cylindrical form for the center or containing part of the vessel, the center of gravity fell below the center of flotation, ..."

3. Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Society of Arts (1893)
"... metacenter, and center of flotation of ships for all tranverse inclinations under certain assumed conditions. When this work is finished the students ..."

4. The Design of Masonry Structures and Foundations by Clement Clarence Williams (1922)
"The position of the center of gravity and the center of flotation must be calculated and arranged with the former well below the latter and directly under ..."

5. Technology Quarterly by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1893)
"Calculations for and construction of the loci of the center of buoyancy, metacenter, and center of flotation of ships for all tranverse inclinations under ..."

6. Contributions from the Mount Wilson Observatory by Mount Wilson Observatory, Carnegie Institution of Washington (1908)
"The mounting is so designed that the center of weight of the moving parts is vertically above the center of flotation. The large worm.gear for the diurnal ..."

7. Military Geography for Professionals and the Public by John M. Collins (2000)
"... Lloyd's Register Ships underway tip up, down, and sideways around the center of flotation, which seldom coincides with centers of gravity or buoyancy. ..."

8. Naval Construction Prepared for the Use of the Midshipmen of the United by Richard Hallett Meredith Robinson (1906)
"The tons per inch is 20; length, 300 feet; center of flotation, 12 feet abaft the middle of length; moment to change trim 1 inch, 320 foot-tons. ..."

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