Definition of Center spread

1. Noun. The spread at the center of a magazine.

Exact synonyms: Centre Spread
Generic synonyms: Facing Pages, Spread, Spread Head, Spreadhead
Group relationships: Mag, Magazine

Definition of Center spread

1. Noun. In a publication and particularly a magazine, the two central pages, which belong to the same paper and face each other: the most visible part. ¹

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Literary usage of Center spread

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Inspection of Concrete Construction: Containing Practical by Jerome Cochran (1913)
"... or it may be heaped up from the sides and ends to an oval-shaped pile; then the mass is turned outward from the center, spread out into layers again, ..."

2. Play and Recreation for the Open Country by Henry Stoddard Curtis (1914)
"It is essentially a social center spread out over a considerable period of time. It is weak on the civic side, but it has the lectures and extension classes ..."

3. Healthful Cookery: A Collection of Choice Recipes for Preparing Foods, with by Ella Ervilla Kellogg (1904)
"... of bread in two in the center, spread the cut surface of each half with Nut Butter, and sprinkle with salt if desired. Cut off thin slices of each half ..."

4. Popular Mechanics Shop Notes (1911)
"2, and from that center spread the trammels to the high corner and bisect the center line. You have then found the chord of the arc, and with a batten held ..."

5. American History and Its Geographic Conditions by Ellen Churchill Semple (1903)
"One large group, with Lexington as a center, spread over the land between Elkhorn Creek and the Kentucky River and showed a few outlying stations on the ..."

6. Effective House Organs: The Principles and Practice of Editing and by Robert E. Ramsay, ( (1920)
"In regular magazines the center spread sells for several times the price of a "run of the magazine" page. Other preferred or feature positions are the cover ..."

7. Balanced Daily Diet by Janet McKenzie Hill (1920)
"Dip the edges of the toast lightly in boiling salted water and set around the round of toast as a center; spread all with the whites in the sauce, ..."

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