Definition of Ch'ing dynasty

1. Noun. The last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries; during the Qing dynasty China was ruled by the Manchu.

Exact synonyms: Ch'ing, Manchu, Manchu Dynasty, Qing, Qing Dynasty
Generic synonyms: Dynasty

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Literary usage of Ch'ing dynasty

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Identify Old Chinese Porcelain by Willoughby Hodgson (1907)
"... Shun-che nien chi [" Made in the period Shun-che of the great Ch'ing (dynasty)"] : AD 1644-61. Fig. 10. ..."

2. National Tests: What Other Countries Expect Their Students To Know by Lynne V. Cheney, National Endowment for the Humanities (1991)
"... of ceramics production during and after the Ch'ing dynasty. d) Senshu, where koko was set up during the Ch'ing dynasty, prospered from foreign trade. 3. ..."

3. Journal of the American Oriental Society by American Oriental Society (1889)
"... given in the preceding chapter offers us a general account of the relations between Korea and the Ta ch'ing dynasty of China. We will now examine, ..."

4. Annual Report of the American Bar Association: Including Proceedings of the by American Bar Association (1916)
"Shortly before the close of the Ch'ing dynasty there was a movement to add to and revise the law, but to this day very little has been accomplished. ..."

5. Fir-flower Tablets by Amy Lowell (1921)
"Posterior Chou. Sung Dynasty. AD 960-1277 Yuan Dynasty. AD 1277-1368 Ming Dynasty. AD 1368-1644 Ch'ing Dynasty. AD 1644-1912 Miri Kuo (Republic of ..."

6. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Other Collections of by Helen Weston Henderson (1911)
"The early reigns of the present Ch'ing Dynasty, particularly the K'ang-hsi, Yung-cheng, Ch'ien-lung and Chia- Ch'ing (from 1662 to 1820) are represented by ..."

7. Diary of a Journey Through Mongolia and Thibet in 1891 and 1892 by William Woodville Rockhill (1894)
"His son, to avenge his sire, joined the band, dubbed himself Ping Ch'ing Wang ("The Prince leveler of the Ch'ing dynasty"), and announced on his banners ..."

8. Chinese Painters: A Critical Study by Raphaël Petrucci (1920)
"... CH'ING DYNASTY 1644-1912 Yün Cbou-p'ing, appellation Nan-t'ien, true name Yün Ko (1633- 1690). He studied at first under the influence of Wang Shu-ming ..."

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