Definition of Chairlift

1. Noun. A ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside; seats are hung from an endless overhead cable.

Exact synonyms: Chair Lift
Generic synonyms: Lift, Ski Lift, Ski Tow

Definition of Chairlift

1. Noun. A continuously moving series of open seats, slung from overhead cables, used to transport people (especially skiers) up the sides of mountains. ¹

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Definition of Chairlift

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Chairlift

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landscapes of Slovenia: A Countryside Guide by David Robertson, Sarah Stewart (2003)
"Walk under the chairlift and continue on to Orlova Glava, ... From the left of another chairlift (the middle one you could see when descending to Orlova ..."

2. Scotland by David Whyte (1998)
"Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 2-5pm. Oct to March, Mon to Sun 2-5pm. Braemar Glenshee chairlift Cairnwell , 7 miles South of Braemar Tel 01339 ..."

3. Adventure Guide Germany by Henk Bekker (2005)
"Then take the chairlift down to Assmannshausen. ... Combination tickets including cable car, chairlift and boat trip are on sale at €9 for adults, ..."

4. British Columbia Adventure Guide by Lynn Readicker-Henderson (2004)
"Zog's Dogs is just below the chairlift and offers the cheapest meal in town. A hot dog will run you four bucks or so, or you can get a Beaver Tail, ..."

5. Adventure Guide to the Alps by Krista Dana (2004)
"... chairlift down to Engelberg. From the lift station, head for Jochpass, where freestylers can veer into the halfpipe or terrain park and diners can veer ..."

6. Adventure Guide to the Champlain & Hudson River Valleys by Patricia Foulke, Robert Foulke (2003)
"Ski Windham chairlift Ride, Windham, NY 12496, tr 518-734-4300. The chairlift goes up to the summit for views of the Northern Catskills. ..."

7. Read and Understand Science: Grades 3-4 by Martha Cheney (2002)
"Ricky hops onto the chairlift. Up into the air, higher and higher, ... When he reaches the bottom, Ricky heads straight for the chairlift again. ..."

8. The Catskills Alive! by Francine Silverman (2003)
"A new service started in 2002 takes you to Highmount, where you can transfer to a trolley to Belleayre Mountain and take a chairlift ride to the top. ..."

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