Definition of Chicken sandwich

1. Noun. A sandwich made with a filling of sliced chicken.

Generic synonyms: Sandwich

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Literary usage of Chicken sandwich

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Up-to-date Sandwich Book: 400 Ways to Make a Sandwich by Eva Greene Fuller (1909)
"chicken sandwich NO. 2 To the white meat of a cold boiled chicken chopped ... chicken sandwich NO. 3 Chop cold cooked chicken fine; season with pepper and ..."

2. The Stone-Millis Arithmetics by John Charles Stone, James Franklin Millis (1911)
"Bill of Fare in the Lunch Room of the Washington School Milk 3^ chicken sandwich Cocoa 4^ Beef Sandwich Soup 6^ Lettuce Sandwich Baked Beans . ..."

3. Applied Arithmetic: The Three Essentials by Nels Johann Lennes, Frances Jenkins (1920)
"5^ chicken sandwich. 8^ Egg 5£ Bread and Butter. 2^ Milk Baked Potato. Lamb Chop Ice Cream Cake ORAL EXERCISES John orders soup, a chicken sandwich, ..."

4. Mrs. Seely's Cook Book: A Manual of French and American Cookery : with by Lida Seely (1902)
"Chopped chicken sandwich Take the white meat of chicken, chop it very fine, and mix it with mayonnaise dressing and a few olives chopped very fine. ..."

5. The Malone Cook Book by Mrs George Hawkins (1917)
"Ham and chicken sandwich.— One-half cup each of finely chopped and cooked chicken and ham moistened with sauce Tartars. Miss Katharine A. Paddock. ..."

6. The Bahamas: A Taste of the Islands by Paris Permenter, John Bigley (2000)
"... an excellent lunch here and sampled the conch fritters, made from the Conch Farm's own product; fish and chips; and jerk chicken sandwich. ..."

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