Definition of Chicken stew

1. Noun. A stew made with chicken.

Generic synonyms: Fricassee

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Literary usage of Chicken stew

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practical Hotel Steward by John Tellman (1913)
"chicken stew, Mashed potatoes, Beets, Dessert, Coffee, tea or milk. FRIDAY Okra soup, Fried sun perch, Shoulders of pork, chicken stew, Mashed potatoes, ..."

2. One Hundred & One Mexican Dishes by May Elizabeth Southworth (1906)
"Shape the corn-husks with scissors and soak in warm water for an hour. Remove, dry and rub each one with hot fat. Fill one with the chicken- stew, ..."

3. Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion: A Guide for All who Would be Good Housekeepers by Maria Parloa (1887)
"chicken stew with Norfolk Dumplings. For six persons use a pair of fowls weighing seven or eight pounds. Singe and draw them; then cut them into handsome ..."

4. Housekeeping in Old Virginia: Containing Contributions from Two Hundred and by Marion Cabell Tyree (1879)
"To brown the chicken, stew till tender, without the pork; brown the pork, take that up, then put in the chicken and fry a light brown.— Mrs. Col. ..."

5. Good-living: A Practical Cookery-book for Town and Country by Sara Van Buren (1890)
"Serve the fowl in the centre of the dish with the vegetables around, and the sauce in the boat. chicken stew WITH DUMPLINGS. I chicken, I large onion, ..."

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